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Marbella Cheeky Butler. Our cheeky butlers are always happy to see beautiful women, whether they want to play drinking games, take funny hot pictures with the ladies, or serve dinner and drinks. For hen parties  birthdays, receptions, girls nights out, and more, you can hire a highly skilled almost naked butler. The Marbella Cheeky Butler wears a revealing black apron, white cuffs, collar, and bow tie. Under certain circumstances, black boxers or pants can be worn.

marbella cheeky butler
marbella cheeky butler
marbella cheeky butler
The best butlers in Marbella

You can ask your Cheeky Butler to provide a waiter service with a touch of class for drinks and appetizers at your villa, apartment, or hotel, or alternatively, they may provide a Champagne Breakfast or Cocktail creation service.

We have a bar with private area in the second line of Puerto Banus, there is no excuse to have fun!!! Anywhere is possible
marbella cheeky butler


The best butlers in Marbella

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A Comprehensive Review of Marbella Cheeky Butler Services

Who is a Marbella Cheeky Butler?

Marbella Cheeky Butler is more than just a server at your party. He’s a handsome, muscular, and charming man, dressed in a revealing black apron, white cuffs, collar, and bow tie, who brings an extra spark to your event. He can also wear black boxers or pants for those who prefer a bit more modesty.

These cheeky butlers are experts at playing drinking games, posing for hilarious photos, and serving drinks and dinner. They are perfect for hen parties, birthdays, girls’ nights out, and even receptions. In short, they are the secret ingredient to make your party in Marbella unforgettable.

A Peek Into the Cheeky Butler Experience

The Cheeky Butler Experience

The Marbella Cheeky Butler experience is designed to offer ultimate fun and entertainment. These butlers are not just there to serve drinks and food, they are there to ensure that everyone is entertained and involved in the fun activities.

Whether it’s setting up hilarious games or offering a playful dance for the bride-to-be, these butlers know how to keep the party alive. And, of course, they are more than happy to pose for photos, making sure you have plenty of memories of your special event.


There are various packages available for hiring a Cheeky Butler. Some of the popular options include the Cocktail and BBQ package, which includes delicious cocktails and a complete BBQ with burgers, sausages, and more, all served by a cheeky butler.

Another popular package is the Combo Cheeky package, which includes a cheeky butler who organises games and activities, and even performs a surprise dance for the bride and guests.

The Boat Party Experience

For those who want to add a touch of luxury to their event, the Marbella boat party package is a fantastic choice. Imagine cruising along the beautiful Costa del Sol, with the Mediterranean Sea as your backdrop, while a Marbella Cheeky Butler serves drinks and organises fun activities. This package can also include a DJ on board for the ultimate party experience.


Marbella Cheeky Butler can definitely add a fun and unique twist to your event. Whether it’s a hen party, birthday, or just a fun night out with the girls, these butlers will ensure that everyone has a great time.

However, as with any service, it’s crucial to read reviews and understand what the service includes before making a booking. If you do your research and set your expectations correctly, a cheeky butler can undoubtedly make your Marbella hen do a night to remember!


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