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Our boat parties in Marbella are… The best boat parties on the Costa del Sol!

marbella boat party

Very requested activity in your visit to Marbella.

This requested party stopped being held in Marbella but with us you have the opportunity to live it in another location, Benalmádena. We include in the same price boat party and round trip transfer from Marbella.

How are boat parties?

It’s a party on a big boat with up to 200 people. They are groups of boys and girls from all over the world who come to the Costa del Sol on holiday.

On the boat there are drinks, dj, show, as if you were in a beach club but on a boat.

Included for 80€ pp

***Price for groups of 10 people, without are less will pay the difference.

3 hours of navigation in which you will enjoy with your friends something unique and different.

Includes a drink or two soft drinks. It has an open bar to buy more drinks.

The groups are mixed and trying to always be 50% between boys and girls.

Swim in crystal clear water. The boat will make several stops for swimming.

Photographer on board, DJ with the best music, drag queen show and cheeky dancers

We have security people on board to ensure the party and the safety of customers.

Transfer from Marbella round trip. I pick you up at the accommodation, it is a private transfer for your group.

***No food or drink can be brought to the ship.


SATURDAY: 2 departures, 1pm – 4pm and 5pm – 8pm (March to September)

marbella boat party

marbella boat party

marbella boat party

marbella boat party

marbella boat party

marbella boat party

marbella boat party

marbella boat party

marbella boat party

You have to live it! With our company you have everything very easy to book. Click WhatsApp now.


Marbella Boat Party: The Ultimate Waterborne Experience

marbella boat party

Irrespective of whether you’re visiting Spain’s Costa del Sol for the first time or have been a regular visitor, attending a Marbella Boat Party should be high on your bucket list. These parties bring together a lively mix of fun-loving people, thrilling music, and the picturesque coastal backdrop of Marbella, promising to turn your ordinary day into an unforgettable experience.

The Allure of Marbella Boat Parties

Marbella Boat Parties are the epitome of sun-soaked fun on the glimmering Mediterranean Sea. They offer an exhilarating mix of music, dance, cocktails, and a chance to plunge into the clear blue waters for a refreshing swim. These parties are particularly popular for stag and hen parties, but anyone looking for a thoroughly enjoyable time is welcome aboard.

A Unique Experience

The boat parties in Marbella stand out due to their distinctive blend of entertainment. From live DJ performances to engaging social games, these parties keep the energy levels high. The boats also frequently host talented artists who add to the festive atmosphere with their violin, saxophone-house music, percussion performances, and even drag queen shows.

Refreshing Swim Stops

One of the highlights of the Boat Parties is the swim stop. Participants have the chance to cool off by taking a dip into the sparkling Mediterranean waters. This break from the dancing and socialising provides a refreshing interlude and adds a unique dimension to the party.

The Saturday Boat Party

Kick-start your weekend in style by joining the Saturday Boat Party. This three-hour cruise from Benalmadena is the perfect way to warm up for the weekend. The party features a live DJ with a knack for making the dance floor shake, while the onboard bar serves a range of refreshing drinks to keep you hydrated and energised.

Professional and Friendly Staff

An essential aspect that sets the Marbella and Benalmadena Boat Parties apart is the exceptional service offered by the crew. They are professional, friendly, and dedicated to ensuring that all guests have a fantastic time. From the moment you step on board to the time you disembark, you can expect a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Benalmadena Boat Party: A Rival Attraction

While Marbella Boat Parties are a major draw, the nearby town of Benalmadena also hosts its own boat parties that are worth considering. Much like their counterparts in Marbella, the Benalmadena Boat Parties offer an engaging mix of music, dance, social games, and swim stops, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Costa del Sol.

Similar Experiences

While boat parties are a major attraction, the Costa del Sol offers a host of other water-based experiences that are equally enjoyable. Some of these include:

    1. Sailing boat with dolphin watching from Puerto Banus Marbella: Enjoy the thrill of sailing and the chance to spot dolphins in their natural habitat.

    1. Sailing and Dolphin Watching in Marbella: Combine the pleasure of sailing with the delight of watching dolphins frolic in the sea.

    1. Marbella Small Group Catamaran with Dolphin Watching: Join a small group for a more intimate experience of sailing and dolphin watching.

    1. Boat rental without a license in Puerto Banus, Marbella: For those who prefer a more private experience, renting a boat is an excellent option.

What to Bring to a Boat Party

To make the most of your boat party experience, be sure to bring along swimwear, a towel, and sunblock. Don’t forget your party spirit!

How to Book a Marbella or Benalmadena Boat Party

Booking a boat party in Marbella is a simple process.
Talk to us by whatsapp, choose a date and time and we’ll get started.
Reservations are a €100 deposit at the time of booking and the rest a week before your party. It’s that easy

Reviews and Feedback

Positive feedback and glowing reviews from past participants vouch for the great experience that awaits you at a Marbella Boat Party. Many guests have praised the friendly and professional staff, the wonderful atmosphere, and the well-organised parties.

In conclusion, attending a Marbella Boat Party promises to be a fun-filled, memorable experience. So, whether you’re planning a stag or hen party, or simply looking for an exciting way to spend a day on the Costa del Sol, consider hopping aboard a Marbella Boat Party. You’re sure to have a blast!


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